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Bruce Rosenblatt
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I’m not ready to move to an “old folks” home, what should I do?

People constantly tell me…  “Best decision I ever made, I only wish I would have made it sooner.”Today’s retirement communities are like luxury cruise ships with amenities meant to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit.  People who live in retirement communities are very independent and continue to lead active lifestyles.  You will gain freedom  by not having to worry about meals, home maintenance, socialization and most importantly, the peace of mind of health care should you require a higher level of care in the future.  Many communities have long waiting lists, so you may want to schedule some visits, sooner rather than later, to see which ones could fit your needs.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

 How do I discuss senior housing options with my parents?

Conversations with your parents about moving to a retirement community are sometimes very awkward and uncomfortable.  There are many emotions involved.  It is easy to become the ‘”bad guy,”’ especially if your siblings are not on the same page. Utilizing an independent Senior Housing Advisor allows someone with years of experience to discuss the hard issues, provide objective insight about your parents’ personal situation, and share appropriate options. You may want to go with your parents on community visits, but allow your parents to stay in charge. This will be their home; they need to feel comfortable with the decision.

 I noticed “free” senior housing advice on the internet. Is this a reliable source of information?

These internet search providers have contracts with senior communities and are paid a commission if you decide to move there.  The information you are receiving is not objective and is steering you towards one of the communities that is under their contract.  Many of these search providers have never visited the communities they recommend and are unaware of significant operational and staffing issues.  Your information could also be sold to third parties.  Moving to a retirement community is a big decision, and you need someone in your corner. An independent Senior Housing Advisor works for you and is paid by you.

 What is a Senior Housing Advisor? 

A Senior Housing Advisor is an expert in senior housing with years of experience working in the senior housing business.   Ideally, a Senior Housing Advisor should be compensated by you, the client, instead of receiving a commission or referral fee from recommended communities.   A Senior Housing Advisor should be familiar with the retirement communities in the area and should stay current on significant operational issues.  A Senior Housing Advisor should be empathic and understanding of your situation and be able to properly direct you to the correct communitiesto visit.  Lastly, a Senior Housing Advisor should be your trusted advocate.

Bruce Rosenblatt
Bruce Rosenblatt

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