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Joseph F. Amato
Dr. Joseph F. Amato, Chiropractor
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I have a friend that sees the chiropractor when he has pain and a friend that goes regularly once per month. Why? There are two types of care:  Acute/corrective care and preventative care.

Your friend who goes only when he has pain is utilizing acute care to treat his problem, and your friend who is going once per month is utilizing preventative care to keep his problem minimal or under control. Preventative care is determined by the extent of the problem (disc degeneration, spurs, soft tissue damage, etc.) that exists. Acute care is for a one time problem caused by an external force (lifting, twisting, fall, etc.) The problem arises when a person has a chronic problem and instead of trying to prevent the problem he only treats the symptoms.

I have pain from my back and down my leg. Can a chiropractor help?

Chiropractors remove subluxations which are misalignments of the spine that put pressure on nerves thus causing pain. If your problem is caused by a spinal misalignment affecting the nerve, a chiropractor can help. To determine if your problem is caused from a misalignment the chiropractor will take a comprehensive case history, take appropriate x-rays and do an exam. If it is determined that a subluxation is involved, the proper adjustments to the spine will be given, thus affecting the cause of your problem.

My back hurts after doing yard work. Do I use ice or heat?


Injured muscles swell causing an inflammatory response which will increase pain. This response indicates there is a problem, and the body is trying to prevent further injury by limiting motion in that area. Adding heat to this area would feel soothing at the time, but will increase inflammation by causing more blood flow to the area, also increasing pain later in the day. I always recommend using ice for at least the first 72 hours after an injury. Cooling injured muscles will decrease inflammation and healing time. Ice should be used 15 minutes every hour to maximize its therapeutic benefits.


Am I too old for chiropractic care?


Regardless of your age, chiropractic care can help improve mobility and maintain vitality. More and more people are consulting chiropractic doctors, especially in their later years. With growing concerns about over-medication and the side effects of combining various prescription drugs, safe and natural chiropractic care is growing in popularity. Restoring better spinal function can help improve mobility, vitality, endurance and appetite. Many patients report improvement with arthritic symptoms and other chronic ailments often associated with the aging process. The adjusting technique used by your doctor will be modified for maximum comfort and results. 

Dr. Joseph F. Amato
Dr. Joseph F. Amato

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