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Should I have a breast ultrasound in addition to my mammogram?

Ultrasound should be performed in conjunction with your mammogram if you have dense breasts or your mammogram shows a mass.  Any palpable breast lump should be evaluated with ultrasound.  High risk patients such as those who have a history of breast cancer, should also have breast ultrasound as it has been shown in studies that ultrasound does increase detection of early stage breast cancer by 15%. At the BreastHealthCenter a female physician will review your mammogram images, examine you personally, perform your breast ultrasound and discuss the results with you. 

 I am really anxious when I go for my mammogram and have to wait days for my results.  Is there a way I can get my mammogram results quicker?

 There are a few breast centers where a physician will look at your mammogram images and give you the results immediately.  At the BreastHealthCenter a physician looks at your images while you wait and performs any additional views that you need during this same visit.  The physician will also perform a breast exam, do an ultrasound if necessary and discuss your results with you.  You will leave our boutique setting relaxed and with all questions answered

I am of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry and was wondering if I should have genetic testing for the BRCA genes.

If you have family history of breast or ovarian cancer and are of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, you may want to consider testing for the BRCA mutation genes.  One in 40 Ashkenazi women are gene carriers which puts them at significantly higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer.  Women who test positive have several different options ranging from close follow up with mammography, breast ultrasound and MRI, going on anti hormonal therapy or prophylactic mastectomy.  At  our center, the physician discusses your mammogram results and also discusses risk factors for considering genetic testing, that can be done that same day.

Lynn Nusbaum
Lynn Nusbaum

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