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Lori DeFillipo
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I had a normal mammogram 3 months ago and just felt a lump in my breast.  What should I do?

You should have a breast ultrasound performed.  Most lumps are non-cancerous but an ultrasound is usually the best way to make the distinction.  At the BreastHealthCenter, you can have this procedure without a prescription from your doctor and one of our physicians will evaluate the lump with a clinical exam and ultrasound.  If there is a suspicious finding an immediate biopsy will be performed. These results will be given to you personally by our physician.

I am 70 years old and not sure whether or not I still need to go for an annual mammogram.

An active, healthy 70 year old woman today expects to live to at least the age of 85 years and should still undergo yearly mammographic screening.  The incidence of breast cancer increases with age and earlier detection increases survival rates. We recently diagnosed two cancers with our 3D technology, that were not seen on 2D mammogram.  Mammography is still the best screening method for earlier detection.  At the BreastHealthCenter we offer comprehensive breast evaluation including a clinical exam, a state of the art 3-D mammogram and ultrasound, if necessary, performed by one of our female physicians.  

Lori DeFillipo
Lori DeFillipo

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