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Becky Reichelt
Adult Day Care
St. Paul Elder Services, Inc.
316 E. Fourteenth Street

My mom has Alzheimer’s disease and lately she does not seem interested in participating in her old hobbies or activities. She is safely living with my dad at home, but is there somewhere she could go for additional activity?

Adult Day Centers can provide a program of activities, engagement opportunities and socialization which allows a person with dementia to continue to live in their home and also receive needed supportive programs in a community, home-like setting. Many Adult Day Centers are also able to provide health monitoring and assistance with activities of daily living. An evaluation would be completed on each person to identify their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial abilities and a plan of engagement would be created for increased stimulation and support. Adult Day Centers can also provide the necessary respite for caregivers.

I am exploring the option of my mom attending an adult day program.  How can she expect to spend her day?

One of the primary focuses of adult day programs is to provide a meaningful, structured environment for the members attending the program.   Typically, a calendar of programs is planned based upon the members’ interests, abilities, and needs.  The schedule typically includes opportunities for physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, and nutritional engagements led by trained staff.  Many of the programs are offered within a group setting to promote social stimulation, but opportunities for individual engagements will also be available.   In addition to the activity programs, refreshment breaks and a noon meal are also provided to complete the structured day. 

Becky Reichelt
Becky Reichelt

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