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Lisa Nebel
Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
St. Paul Elder Services, Inc.
316 E. Fourteenth Street

I am having surgery and then going to a skilled nursing facility for rehab. I am fearful. What can I expect?

Skilled nursing centers are now places for short or extended rehabilitation. No need to fear, it‘s what we do! A hospital case manager will assist you in communicating information such as: your medical status, insurance information, and help facilitate your transportation to the facility. You will be provided 24 hour skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Once evaluated, you can expect a care conference with the entire rehabilitation team to discuss your individual progress and goals, future needs, and formulate a discharge plan to return home with the services you need.

My husband is in the hospital and won’t be strong enough to go directly home. What should I look for in exploring a skilled nursing/rehabilitation unit?

Look for a center which specializes in the kind of care needed. If he requires specialized services such as wound care, tube feedings, IV’s, or other specific care, confirm they can be provided at the center of your choice. If he needs rehabilitation care, inquire about the frequency of therapy treatment throughout the week and the amount of time in therapy daily. If there are amenities important to him, such as private rooms or religious services, inquire about them as they will make his stay more comfortable. It is recommended to tour and have your questions answered prior to choosing a facility.

Lisa Nebel
Lisa Nebel

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