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Sally Maas
Assisted Living
St. Paul Villa Assisted Living
312 E. Fourteenth Street

How much care can I receive in an assisted living?
Assisted livings are designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with activities of daily living. This typically involves meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry services, and personal assistance with bathing, dressing, ambulating, and medication management. Assisted living facilities also provide 24 hour supervision and security, along with a variety of social and spiritual activities. St. Paul Villa creates a unique service plan that allow tenants to maintain their current lifestyle while receiving the specific services they need; we also complete ongoing assessments to care for our tenants changing needs.

What should I look for when comparing assisted living facilities?
Deciding to move into an assisted living can be a confusing process for anyone. There are many things that you should keep in mind when choosing which facility is right for you. When touring a facility check out the atmosphere, do you like the location and outward appearance, how is the cleanliness and décor inside, does the staff act in a professional manner? Ask about the type of medical services that are available and how these services are provided. Chat with some individuals that currently reside at the facility, they can be one of the best resources available to you.

How will my lifestyle change moving from my home to an assisted living?
Making a move to an assisted living facility is often one of the biggest changes in a person's lifetime. Many seniors view this move as the last one of their lives, and it can cause them to be sad, depressed, or even angry. More positive seniors see it as a way to unburden their families and feel more secure about receiving the ongoing care they need. St. Paul Villa makes strong effort to keep our tenants active and engaged, mentally, physically, and socially in ways that are appropriate for their level of mobility and mental ability.

How do I know when it is time for my parents to move to an assisted living facility?
It’s not always easy to tell when your parent needs more help; but there are warning signs that may indicate it is time. While visiting your loved one check their refrigerator. Is it empty or filled with spoiled food? Does your parent frequently wear the same clothes or neglect personal hygiene? This can indicate that doing laundry and bathing is physically challenging for them.  Sometimes they just desire more socialization. A nursing assessment is always completed prior to admission at St. Paul to ensure that the proper care level can be provided to your loved one.

Sally Maas
Sally Maas

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