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Julie S. Feil
Hospice & Memory Care
St. Paul Elder Services, Inc.
316 E. Fourteenth Street

What is hospice and how is it different from “home care”?

Hospice is a program designed to provide comfort and care to patients and their loved ones in the final stages of life. It involves a team of professionals that are committed to supporting the patient’s wishes and alleviating discomfort related to their disease process, addressing their care from a physical, emotional, and spiritual standpoint. Hospice is a Medicare/insurance benefit. Home care is a service to help individuals physically with skilled care needs following an acute illness. It is a temporary benefit unless an individual chooses to hire support to assist with personal care or household related tasks. 

What are the warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and how do I know if I have it?

At one time or another, everyone has misplaced their keys or forgotten a friend’s name, however, if memory loss interferes with daily activities and appears progressive there is need for evaluation. Other signs may include difficulties with problem solving, word finding, personality changes, confusion to time/place, poor judgment, withdrawal from activities, and difficulties completing familiar tasks. See your doctor about memory diagnostic clinics available to assist with early diagnosis and treatment as well as provide you and your family with necessary support and education. Early diagnosis is important to rule out potentially treatable causes and to optimize care.

Julie S. Feil
Julie S. Feil

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