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Kathleen Sinn
Physical Therapy-Rehabilitation
Brooks Rehabilitation - Lake Mary
147 Parliament Loop, Ste 1001
Lake Mary

 Is back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy normal? 

No. When pain interferes with normal functions like sleeping, walking, and lifting it should not be ignored.  Pregnant women can do simple things to reduce the chance of developing back pain in pregnancy such as practicing pelvic floor muscle (Kegel) exercises and abdominal muscle contractions to strengthen the core, and  avoid bending and twisting at the same time.  Women with back pain during pregnancy are more likely to have back pain and urine leakage after childbirth. If simple strategies are not working to reduce the pain, consult with a physical therapist trained in the treatment of women’s health issues.

I practice Kegel exercises every day. Why am I still leaking urine when I cough or sneeze?  

Many women perform Kegel or pelvic floor muscle exercises incorrectly, and do not realize it. The pelvic floor muscles should both “lift and squeeze” during a proper contraction. Some women inadvertently do the opposite and “push out” instead of squeezing inwards. Two types of muscle fibers require at least 2 types of exercises. Quick squeezed with full release in between, and long sustained contractions of up to 10 seconds without letting go. A women’s health physical therapist at Brooks can teach you how to perform the exercises correctly and provide other treatments to effectively treat urinary leakage. 

Kathleen Sinn
Kathleen Sinn

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