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I’ve had a variety of injuries playing sports. I’ve been told to use ice by some and heat by others.Which is correct?

Great question! The answer depends on the stage of your injury! Ice is best during the acute stage (lasting 48-72 hours) which is characterized by pain, swelling, and bruising. Ice constricts the broken blood vessels caused by your injury, thus reducing inflammation and discomfort. For more chronic conditions, such as overuse injuries, we at PhysioFit find great success using heat treatments, which relax tissue, stimulate blood flow and increase mobility. For more information, please visit:

Why does my neck hurt when I sit at my computer for a long time?

Poor posture is the culprit! The most common cause of neck pain is muscular strain and tension resulting from poor posture. Ergonomic positioning of your screen directly in front and at eye level is crucial in ensuring proper posture. Regular stretching, especially of the neck, shoulders and upper back, is also recommended along with short, frequent breaks. At PhysioFit we facilitate functional recovery as well as teach new environmental and postural habits to minimize risk of further pain or injury. Please visit:               

What is the difference between tendinitis and bursitis of the shoulder?

Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendon, a thick fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone. Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac acting as padding between two structures, such as tendon and bone. Overuse and poor posture are the primary causes of these conditions. Slow onset of discomfort, difficulty sleeping on your shoulder, and pain when lifting your arm above your head are symptoms of these conditions. It is crucial to treat these conditions promptly to prevent further structural limitations. Please visit:            

What is Sacroiliac pain?

The Sacroiliac joint (SI joint) is a firm, small joint that connects the spine with the pelvis. As opposed to knee or shoulder joints made to undergo motion, this joint should not move much. Instead it is critical for dispersing your upper body weight to your lower body. Direct fall on the buttocks, trauma to the pelvis, and child birth are some of the leading causes of SI sprain/strain, instability, and/or pain. We at PhysioFit have great success in resolving SI joint pain, focusing on musclular strengthening and modalities to reduce pain. Please visit: 


Nicola Varveris
Nicola Varveris

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