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Nicolas G. Zouain
Radiation Oncology
Premier Oncology
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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I am having a daily treatment of 9 weeks with RapidArc® Radiation. Is there any restriction on my sexual activity during the radiation treatment?

RapidArc® Radiation is the latest technology in the treatment of prostate cancer and can be performed using a number of different machines, including TrueBeam™, IX, Trilogy and others. During your course of radiation; there is no restriction on your sexual activity or any other activities. You are not radioactive during that time; so there is no need to follow any radioprotection recommendations. At Premiere Oncology, we use this technology at all of our centers.


I have a prostate cancer and I decided on a radiation treatment using RapidArc® IMRT. I was reading on the internet and found that the prostate can be in different position every day. How can the radiation therapist localize my prostate on a daily basis?

 High Definition RapidArc® IMRT is the latest technology in radiation treatment and has the most advanced daily targeting system that is totally non-invasive. This system is called Cone Beam CT and allows a daily CT of your pelvis with minimum radiation to precisely target the prostate. It is completely non-invasive and there is no need to implant marker seeds or any device inside your prostate.

Nicolas G. Zouain
Nicolas G. Zouain

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