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Raul I. Tano
Family Medicine and Endocrinology
Mercy Hospital Medical Partners
300 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 100
Miami Beach

What Does It Mean If I Snore?

People misunderstand the significance of snoring. May be primary due to anatomical abnormalities of the nose, structures of the mouth which causes no significant health issues.  Can be associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and associated with one of the causes of chronic sleep disorders which have been shown to worsen if a person has Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Examples are Hypertension and Diabetes. Researchers have revealed a correlation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Atrial Fibrillation, which appears to be on the rise. The recommendation is to discuss with your physician if you snore and suffer from Hypertension, Diabetes and chronic heart diseases.


What is gout?

Gout is a disease that causes joint pain from uric acid crystal deposits. Usually the big toe is affected, but other joints may be involved. Joints become red, hot, swollen, and extremely tender. Treatment deals with controlling the symptoms and discovering the cause for the disease. Acute attacks will end more quickly with rest. People with gout should avoid liver, sweetbreads, kidney, anchovies or sardines and alcohol, as these can make gout worse. Diet high in antioxidants such as berries will help to decrease acid crystal deposits. For testing and further evaluation, see your family practitioner.

Raul I. Tano
Raul I. Tano

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